Exit is a space of celebration as we explore what happens when Seattle’s creative landscape meets the senior design minds at Cornish College of the Arts; illustrating paths that can disrupt, redefine, and elevate the environments we inhabit.


Trained in concept development, iteration, and innovation under the guidance of Seattle's leading design minds, Design graduates are willing to tackle global challenges with empathy, fresh perspectives, and accessible yet sustainable solutions.
Brock Barajas
Spoons Bradshaw
Paul Derieux Chagnard
May Dinh
Karen Kats
Allie Kehl
Alisha Langley
Lucy Marrs
Sam Morris
Nate Schram

Bella Verducci

9th Ave GalleryApril 26–May 6
Public OpeningFriday, April 26

Designed by Brock Barajas, Damon Cottle, Paul Derieux Chagnard, May Dinh, Maggie Mann, Sam Morris and Carrie Wang.